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Success is not for everybody and those who have it feature some similar traits. Sam Congdon has his share of successes and can sure identify with some of the traits of successful people.

Hard working

Success does not come by luck. It is achieved through hard work something that successful people know. Most successful people start from the bottom and work their way up. Sam Congdon learned the fruits of hard work when in the farm as a young boy. He has used these lessons to build success in his life. He continued working hard in college and on the Student Works Painting, something that bore fruits because he graduated with a degree and ended up managing other managers.

Eager to learn and curious

Successful people study and learn new things all the time. They find out more information about everything. Sam could not have been a manager had he been afraid of learning new things. When he first started in the painting job, he knew nothing about it and he was willing to learn. His later jobs in managing hotels also required him to learn how they operate to enable him to manage them successfully and to automate.

Never quits and improves themselves

Successful people are constantly working on their lives in areas such as personality, management skills and leadership skills and on other areas of their lives. They fix flaws instead of tolerating them. buy brand Prozac online did not quit when the first summer job proved difficult, he did not quit when he was to manage managers that were undeserving of their jobs. He improved his management skills by taking a second degree and he continues to work on himself to be a better person.

Responsible and self-reliant

Those who take responsibility for their decisions without putting the blame on others achieve success. They do not complain but they move on. They take initiative and assume the responsibilities of success.

Sam has had to be responsible for the success of the business that he runs. He makes the decisions and does not complain or blame things on other people. This was seen when he was running the Compass services business that he had to lift to success so that it could be sold. He has also successfully managed the hotels to profitability by being the one responsible of the operations and the major aspects of the business.


Success comes to these who question status quo and see the consistent things that they can change. They look for opportunities and possibilities, innovate and create things. They change the world. They do not accept things as they are. This can be seen in Sam’s ability to see the opportunities in Puerto Rico and to establish the hotel, something that brought with it other opportunities of running another hotel to success.

Not everyone is successful, simply because people are different and they view things differently. Successful people have similar characteristics or traits that are not in those who do not succeed. The list is not exhaustive because there are other qualities of successful people such as being relaxed no matter the situation, responding quickly and living in the present.